IRN Usage Terms and Conditions

The International Radio Network (IRN) Server is part of the Worldwide Amateur Radio Guild (The Guild)

Conditions of operation for the IRN Server. V1.4 – 2nd January 2018

1.     You must act in accordance with your licence class at all times, following procedures, policies and law set out by your countries amateur radio licensing conditions (as per the International Amateur Radio Union Guidelines of Operation).

2.    The International Radio Network (IRN) and its system administration, agree to honour the decisions of any associated group/guild/club that has a current working agreement  and/or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the IRN with regards to its members past and present).

3.    No form of malicious bullying/harassment/intimidation will be tolerated by any of its users. This must be reported  to the IRN Administration as soon as possible.

4.    Users must not deliberately block, key over or speak over other users on any talkgroup unless the said user is causing a disruption to other users.

5.    Users on the IRN server must display their call-sign and name (e.g. A1ABC – David) when connected to the IRN Server. Offensive names are not permitted.

6.    Users of the IRN Server must seek membership with the IRN within 7 days of connecting in order to maintain

access and use of the IRN Server. Full access will only be granted once membership has been approved. This can be done by following the links on the main website.

7.    At no time is it permissible for any user to stream/play/broadcast audio that is not part of a QSO (conversation), such as pre-recorded audio or music in any of the main channels. Exceptions to this include a QST broadcast and audio that is streamed in a users temporary private channel.

8.    Whilst the system has a high level of security, the IRN take no responsibility for any personal details or audio that may be intercepted by third parties. Additionally, the IRN does not give permission for anyone to covertly record audio/visual data that they are not party too as a member of the system. An exclusion to this can be made on behalf of an official security service or law enforcement agency with the required legal permissions.

9.    No user may crosslink from the IRN server into another system unless written permission has been gained from the IRN Administration by the said user that wishes to facilitate this. Any user wishing to create a crosslink into another system to link any audio feeds must contact the IRN Administration in writing to arrange this.

10.  Users (excluding IRN Administration) should not have more than 4 individual devices registered at any one time for use on the IRN Server. Users that require more may request additional devices in writing from the IRN Administration.

11.  Users may not move other users to different talk groups without expected, implied, written or verbal consent. The exception to this is if not doing so is likely to cause expected or continued disruption to the current talk group.

12.  Users that repeatedly suffer from technical issues that in anyway disrupt the normal activities of other users may be temporarily removed from the server until such time that they can correct their issues. Repeated technical issues that affect normal server operations may result in a temporary/permanent ban for the said user.

13.  The IRN Administration Team agree to make rational and group decisions with regards to any issues on the IRN server that may affect its operation or that of its users in a timely manner. The IRN Administration team have the right to remove/kick/block/ban (temporally and permanently) at their discretion. Decisions made by the IRN Administration team are final.

14.  Any user that intentionally makes or attempts  to make changes to the Servers core permissions system or users access/permission/status without authorisation will be removed immediately.

15.  In rare circumstances, an individual member of the IRN Administration team may issue an immediate temporary ban lasting no more than 14 days for breaching any of these conditions of operation. This action will then be reviewed by the IRN Administration and any associated groups as applicable as soon as practically possible.

16.  Multiple breaches of these conditions will result in a permanent ban on the IRN System.

17.  The IRN collective cannot be held responsible in any way for any costs or loss incurred by loss of service.

18.  Any concerns that a user wishes to make as a result of any actions by the IRN Administration team should be done

in writing using any of the contact details found on our webpage.