Our Mission

It is our mission to promote the amateur radio hobby to those interested in radio communications.  We provide the opportunity to gain experience in radio communications, theory, technology, and fellowship.  We use various methods for communication:  VOIP/ROIP, Social Media, and of course, RF linking and experimentation.

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And I should Post this bio now before I loose this job..... Let's go 🙂
Name: Wayne Cornish
Call-Sign: G7OKI
Position: Vice-President and Operations Director.
I have been a Ham since 1993, currently holding the Call-Sign G7OKI. I currently run network radios, EchoLink, DMR, Dstar Fusion and occasionally HF. I have been associated with TheGuild/IRN since February 2016. I am the Vice President, as such I am Jason (W4JMF)’s Right hand man with projecting our vision. I help Jason write our by-laws, processes and procedures, and ensure compliance. I am also in charge of operations, and as such, the team report to me on the day to day running of the system, and any issues that are raised are channelled through me. There are other things, but too lengthy to list it all.
I see TheGuild becoming the biggest and best amateur radio experience ever within the hobby......Ever!
A small piece of trivia to conclude: I am partial to a shot of Jameson’s or 2! and chocolate, and helping to drink Jason’s booze stash dry whilst I was in Florida

Well, let's see who's up next time....If I still have a job here.
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3 days ago

World Wide Amateur Radio Guild

No Gary no! M6NXK AND G7OKI at Guildford Cathedral, Surrey. The filming location for the church scenes in the movie ‘The Omen’ ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

World Wide Amateur Radio Guild

Get Ready for Great Things!

Something new is on the way for TheGuild. We are pleased to announce a joint venture with our friends at Hamshack Hotline. The HHUL (Hamshack Hotline Unlicensed) Server is being prepared and will be ready to launch very soon, courtesy of World Wide Amateur Radio Guild Inc. HHUL will allow ALL members of our organization to access a great VOIP/SIP platform through both Cisco hard phones and the Acrobits Groundwire application. More details coming soon.

In the meantime, be sure to checkout HH at hamshackhotline.com!
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And one more, Winter is coming, so let us see who mans the gate.
Name: Robert W Cowdrey.
Callsign: KB1UPZ.
Position: Members Services Director.

I believe that I became interested in the hobby about 40 year ago when I first learned how to work with electronics. Following that I received my amateur radio license when I was 66 years old and have held it for approximately 8 years now and believe that it was one of the best things I have ever done. I am continuously learning about the hobby and new things as well as working with the board to better TheGuild and enhance our members experiences. Part of what I do for TheGuild is that I sit as the Members Services Director which means that I insure that all membership processes are followed and that everything is going smoothly with our members. Secondly I also run the Friendship Net on the IRN/Zello every week on monday at 17:00 EST for the benefit of our members and visitors.

Some people on TheGuild refer to me as “The Gatekeeper” in part because Gareth (M6IGJ) called me that when TheGuild and IRN first began a partnership and in part because I have been there to welcome new member to the system as they come. Till today I still man my post at the Gate, Welcoming new members and assisting old ones to the best of my abilities.

So, There goes our Gatekeeper to man his post, Who is next to tell all? let us know in the comments below.
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SPOTLIGHT: Hamshack Hotline


Hamshack Hotline

Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a FREE dedicated voip telecom service for the Ham Radio community.  Typically, phones are established in hamshacks, EOCs, Clubs & club members, ARES, and other Ham related areas and functions.  It is not the intention of HH to replace traffic carried over radio in an emergency or other tactical operation, but rather to augment it, by offloading managerial tactical operations and providing a full duplex path for such communications when spectrum is occupied, conditions diminished, or otherwise unavailable.   HH also supports FAXing of information (with appropriate equipment) which allows tactical offices to share documents & data between tactical locations.   In a non-tactical use, HH is an effective resource for off-air troubleshooting when you need to coordinate a troubleshoot of a radio circuit off-air and between multiple SMEs.   In addition to all this, conference bridges on the HH network allow large groups of Hams to coordinate & meet in real time anywhere in the world.

The World Wide Amateur Radio Guild Inc. is a proud affiliate and user of this great system, and adding more of our members everyday.  We also have bridge conference available to our members at extension 313!

What is RFinder


The RFinder is the most advanced DMR Transceiver combined with an embedded powerful smartphone. It delivers up to 4 Watt of RF Power out of its very robust case.

Running Android, you can install all the available Play Store apps. This means that you can install Zello, Team Speak, EchoLink and many others and use the built-in PTT button to key the transmission on such apps. Can you imagine that? If you don’t reach an EchoLink node, just use your RFinder 3G, 4G or even WiFi, and you are connected. Never miss a QSO again just because there isn’t a nearby repeater. And because the RFinder has an updated database of worldwide repeaters, EchoLink nodes and DMR talk groups, you never have to memorize anything. You just search the station or repeater you want to connect, and the RFinder will change all the settings for you, either using DMR or conventional analogue FM. The RFinder is so advanced that will allow you to see on a map all the available DMR/EchoLink/Conventional repeaters nearby. Just click on your selected station, and your radio settings are changed: RX and TX frequency, Tones, offsets, splits, color codes. Everything! Welcome to the first Click & Talk transceiver. If this is not phenomenal what is it then?

RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory is a database of Amateur Radio repeaters worldwide. We have 60.000 repeaters in 170+ countries. We have created the Earth’s most feature complete apps for Android and iOS… now the RFinder team kicks it up another notch… with the first Software Defined HT (SDHT), based on Android, with integrated GSM/4G LTE. RFinder is the official repeater directory/app in twelve countries…for more info just visit http://subscribe.rfinder.net.